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Cartier—aesthetic and sporty watches for the demanding

Most of the watches have a sporty look and are ideal for divers, pilots, and astronauts. People will now and then also sport a Cartier watch at a nice dinner or wedding party when they want to show style and class. But since we live in a very casual world, Cartier watches rather match with a designer dress or tailored suit. Tradition and class are the key to the worth of these watches.

The story of Cartier dates back to the year 1847. The jewelry manufacturer started producing antique pocket watches since as early as 1859. In 1904, the Brazilian pilot, Alberto Santos-Dumont Louis Francois Cartier, noted that the former pocket watches were neither practical nor reliable for use in aviation. In response to the complaints of a friend, Cartier designed a wristwatch that had a slim body and a square aperture, and which he named Santos. This is how the brand’s first men’s watch came to be—one that is still highly treasured.

Today, Cartier sport watches are a mixture of elegance and functionality. Some of the watches require customers to dig deep into their pockets e.g., the Calibre de Cartier Chronograph that has a red-golden color and an arm band made of an alligator leather. Cartier is thus a pioneer of class as far as luxury watches are concerned. Besides boldness, elegance, and passion, it is the revolutionary design that gives Cartier watches their unmistakable appearance. Cartier watches already had rectangular dials since the beginning of the last century. These watches were a mix of mechanics, passion, and the latest technology. They are very often characterized by a perfect combination of gold and steel. In addition to watches, Cartier also sells jewelry, accessories, perfumes, leather and stationery—all of which are the epitome of luxury and class.

Over time, Cartier has designed many classic watches that still represent tradition-consciousness and an understanding of fashion. For instance, the Tank model, which is a classic watch from 1917, has hardly changed over the years and is still among the products offered by Cartier today. The Cartier brand is a symbol of the highest quality and richness that is gladly showcased in watch collections. Besides the classic design, you will also find numerous Cartier watches that are decorated with diamonds.

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