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Rolex watches – Striving for precision

The history of the watchmaker Rolex is tightly linked to the name of Hans Wilsdorf. This was the name of the entrepreneur from Kulmbach, Germany, who emigrated to La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, in 1900. Using the name Wilsdorf & Davis he began to export watches of the Aegler SA brand to Great Britain. In an attempt to make the brand more well-known the watches were sold under the name of Rolex in 1908. Rolex was one of the watchmakers who printed their name onto the clock face. The five-arched crown was added to this. This manufactory received a lot of awards, and its watches came to be very appreciated for their precision. Wilsdorf recognised the potential of wrist watches, which were not very common at all until 1920, early on. The company has been based in Geneva since 1920, at the international heart of the art of clock making. In 1931 Rolex launched its Oyster Perpetual model, the first water-tight wrist watch.

Rolex has been putting great emphasis on the quality of its clock works and on chronometric precision from the very beginning. It was as early as 1910 that these watches came with certificates and started winning awards. The Rolex brand has been among the world leaders in the watch sector. Models such as Daytona and Submariner are proof of this. The company is also behind the famous Cerachrom bezel. This was developed to guarantee the lasting beauty and functionality of their watches even in extreme conditions.

If you would like to part with a well-preserved Rolex watch, you may find a reputable partner in us. Please do not hesitate to approach us. We will be more than happy to make you a fair offer.

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