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Omega—(not only) for James Bond
At first it was a Rolex. The creator of James Bond, Ian Fleming, placed a Rolex Oyster Perpetual on the wrist of the double-zero agent. That was a long time ago. In the movie Casino Royale, James Bond is asked for his watch. As it turns out, the super-agent is no longer wearing a Rolex. He now has an Omega watch. Meanwhile, other Bond actors also went for digital Seikos, including a TAG Heuer. One very fascinating story is that of the Rolex Submariner—long known as the watch of the royal navy. But ever since Daniel Craig depicts an agent of her majesty’s secret service, we see an Omega watch on the wrist of the strategist.
Seamaster Planet Ocean is the name of the watch worn by the agent with a steel bracelet during his chase across the whole world. For the movie Skyfall, the Seamaster Aqua Terra was chosen. A good choice since unlike many bulky diving watches, Aqua Terra leaves a much more subtle impression and is still robust enough for water depths of up to 150 meters. A perfect watch for the agents thanks to the classy styling, robustness, and a refined appearance.
In the latest movie as well, Spectre, Bond again had a couple of Omega watches. The Agent initially wears a pretty Aqua Terra and later on as the mechanical stresses increase, he switches to a Seamaster 300 Master—Co-Axial. The Seamaster 300 is inspired by the classical Omega diving watches from the 1960s that were used by the British Royal Navy. Despite the retro design, the watch has a movable bezel and can display a second time zone.
With the Seamaster Professional, Omega released a diver’s watch and the Big Blue chronograph in 1970 that could withstand water depths of up to 1000 meters. Another watch in this series is the SHOM, which resulted from the cooperation with the French Hydrographique et Oceanographie de la Marine. Compared to Big Blue, SHOM is only waterproof in depths of up to 200 meters. The watch is made of a solid steel block with a cute design from the 1970s. The dial is from the 1960s’ Seamaster and has many rectangular elements. Nevertheless, this watch is highly valued by collectors.
In addition to timers for Olympic Games and other sporting events, numerous innovative wristwatches also make up some of the cornerstones of the Swiss manufacturer. The creative use of ceramic, silicon, precious metals and other materials has been the foundation for the unique aesthetics of Omega watches. Their exclusive appearance has been a key factor for the popularity of these watches, even among the younger generations. Furthermore, the company is also active in social projects and ideas.

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